Have a used tape library that you don’t know what to do with? The good news is that there are some excellent options out there for making a bit of cash when you sell used tape libraries.

At Big Data Supply, we offer top dollar for used tape libraries regardless of brand. Whether you have STK/SUN/Oracle, Dell, Compaq, Quantum (and all others), we’ll make sure that you get the best deal possible.

In case you are having doubts about selling one or more used tape libraries, we hope the following will help you make the right decision:

1. Selling Used Tape Libraries Opens Up Opportunities for Others

When you sell used tape libraries, this provides other organizations and individuals the ability to save a tremendous amount of money. Purchasing brand-new equipment is quite expensive, thus a growing number of up-and-coming firms are investing in refurbished technologies.

You also have the opportunity to buy used tape libraries if you are seeking an equipment upgrade.

2. Keeping Used Equipment Out of Landfills Rocks

The danger of holding on to technologies that you are no longer using is that one day they may end up in a landfill, rather then being proactively utilized. If you sell used tape libraries now, it is very possible they can quickly be refurbished and put into use.

An used unit gathering dust doesn’t do anybody a bit of good. Plus, each month or year that goes by is less cash in your pocket.

3. Joining the Technology Recycling Movement Makes a True Difference

It’s a wise decision to invest a bit of time and energy into a recycling program that can benefit both your organization and the world around you. When you recycle your tape library, you can let the world know what you are doing and inspire others to do the same.

Where Big Data Supply Comes Into the Picture
Not only do we purchase tape libraries, we buy new and used LTO tape, disk array, peripherals, and the list goes on.

We invite you to call or e-mail our offices with your questions. If you are wanting to sell one or more tape libraries, please provide as much detail as possible and we’ll get a quote to you as soon as possible!