The Future of Cloud Computing Services

On the topic of cloud computing services, Forbes has stated that  “By 2020, 62% of organizations in a recent survey say they will be running 100% of their information technology in the cloud. But younger startup companies are already close to that point.” This is a large portion of online business and it makes you question why so many people are utilizing the cloud for their important information.

IBM has always been a trusted name where business innovations are concerned. They are often the first to not only see a need that exists, but to also find a solution that is effective and safe. Their cloud computing services are no different, and the world is once again relying on this company's ability to advance business to a new level. IBM attributes its success at creating the cloud to its policy to work from the "inside out". They concentrate first and foremost on safety, recognizing that their customers have a need to be able to trust that what they store in the cloud is safe. Their services are not only safe, but ready and easy to use, making it possible to utilize the service without hours of wasted time learning.

How You Can Benefit From IBM Cloud Computing Services

The benefits of using the cloud in your business are numerous. Among the greatest benefits are:

  1. Increase Collaboration

    With everything in one place, no matter where in the world your employees are located, they can all be on the same page. This ability makes it easier to provide input, work on different areas of the same project and generally communicate quicker and more efficiently.

  2. Improve Productivity

    The cloud is quick and efficient to utilize. This makes it less likely that time will be wasted. Everything is right there at your fingertips, waiting to be put into action immediately. The time saved adds up quickly, making it possible to get more work done in a shorter period of time.

  3. Reduce Expenses

    Less money is required to set up services in the cloud. For a company that can't afford to spend days getting a system in place, this makes for an ideal solution. In addition, upgrades are simple and inexpensive, making it possible to increase your service as your company grows.

  4. Encourage Innovation

    As with anything new, ideas on how to utilize it start popping up. Before long, people are coming up with new and creative ideas on things to create, improvements that can be made and even endeavors that can now be undertaken that were impossible before. Innovation will see your company becoming ever bigger.

  5. Improve Data Security

    Security is the number one factor in cloud computing services. Not only does storing information there keep it safe, it enables you to provide a secure storage of information away from your company. This will help keep it safe from hackers, computer crashes and many other security risks. Your data is safe and secure.

  6. Scale Easily and Quickly

    As companies grow, they need to scale their services to match this growth. The cloud makes this easy and quick. You won't need to waste time trying to increase your storage as your company demands more and more services. This leaves you time to concentrate on running your business and putting effort into more efficient areas.

Let Cloud Computing Services Help Grow Your Business

Contact us today to find out how IBM cloud computing services can help take your business to the next level. You will be surprised at the cost-effectiveness, security and ease with which we can have your company on its way to the future.