We are asked time and time again why refurbishing data tape media is of value to organizations. Our answer is quite simple: One of the best parts of using data tape media for data backups and storage is that it can be refurbished and reused.

Just in case you aren't familiar with the idea of data tape refurbishment, in shorter terms the process involves completely wiping used tapes of data, making sure that all laws, acts and compliance for data security and destruction are adhered to then each tape is ranked by cosmetic grade then data is taken from the RFID chip or the tape drive and checked for amount of usage, errors and then each and every tape is tested, guaranteed and given a lifetime warranty.

For example of data compliance, many of our clients must comply with HIPAA regulations and the Sarbanes-Oxley act for data storage. Our process for tape refurbishment is tailored to make sure that each and every bit of data is expunged from each tape. This requires that we use our proprietary technology for data destruction. Never do our clients have to worry about bits of data being left behind.

There are many benefits of using tape, one of which is that it can be refurbished. Thus, some of the benefits of tape include:

1. It’s eco-friendly.
2. It’s one of the most stable data storage technologies on the market.
3. It’s reliable, good as new standards.
4. It's energy-efficient
5. It’s cost-effective.

Sadly enough, only a fraction of organizations that use tape refurbish and/or recycle them. (based on studies estimated less than 3%)

At Big Data Supply, we are trying to change this. Not only are we educating our clients on how refurbishing tapes is good for the environment, we also are able to reveal how much money can be saved in the process.

There is simply no reason why used tape shouldn’t be used multiple times (MFG's state each tape is good for 100,000+ passes) -- unless of course data-filled tapes need to be stored for decades to come.

Need help with tape refurbishing?

We can help. To get started, either e-mail us or call. We will walk you through the process and work to save you both time and money.

If for any reason you decide that you don’t want to refurbish used tape cartridges, you can consider selling them within our tape buyback program. We will offer you cash for used LTO tape cartridges and numerous other technologies.

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