What are big data storage products?

Big data storage products are high speed, high capacity storage solutions that are server and driver based, rather than based in the cloud. This offers several advantages over storing all your big data online. Besides better service speeds and more flexibility, big data storage products allow you access without an internet connection.

Your Guidebook to Big Data Storage Products

LTO Tape

The LTO Ultrium  is “open” format, It works especially well when high capacity and high transfer rates are important. It's high reliability is a popular selling point.

3480 & 3490

The IBM 3480 and 3490 tape formats were first introduced in 1986, which saw them becoming the go-to for big data storage. A magnetic tap, housed within a cartridge allows the single reel to store information in an orderly manner.

3590 J & K Tape Media

IBM doubled both the length and storage capacity of its previous storage system with 3590 J & K tape media, while making it occupy the same space as those that came before. Both tapes can be used together, removing the need to restore previous information.

3592 Data Tapes

The 3592 data tape series like certified IBM 3592JC 4Tb and IBM 3592JD 10Tb certified was nicknamed Jaguar, as was the next development,  the TS1120. It offers users the chance to upgrade previous cartridges, improving both their speed and performance.

4mm Tape Media

4mm tape media, which is simply named because of the tape width, is a popular media storage tape used by a number of the major players such as IBM and HP, among others.   It includes a variety of DDS-1 through DDS-5 (DAT 72) tapes, including DDS cleaning tapes.

8mm Tape Media

8mm tape media uses helical scanning for reading and recording., the same way as 4mm and VCR tapes do. It is basically an upgrade of the 4mm version and  includes 112m & 160m, AIT Tape Media, AIT Turbo Tape Media, AME Mammoth Tape Media, and SUPER AIT Tape Media.

9840 & 9940 Tapes

Oracle’s StorageTek 9840 tape cartridge, along with The StorageTek T9840 offer improved speed and a larger storage capacity of up to 75 GB. They are backwards-compatible, which makes them the go-to tapes for a system upgrade that truly helps your system perform to capacity. The format of this tape is similar to an audio tape. While this reduces the storage capacity, it allows data to be loaded quicker, increasing productivity time.

3570 Magstar Tape Media

The IBM 3570 Magstar MP, with its 5GB cartridge, was the first, small-form-factor, midpoint-load tape device. It totally revolutionized the field of big data storage. Its track-following, timing-based servo and several innovations greatly enhanced IBMs service.

Optical Media

Optical media - such as optical disks and cartridges are CD and DVD forms that are read by lasers, creating greater storage capacity in a smaller area.

QIC Tape Media

QIC Tape Media (commonly pronounced "quick"), is a quarter-inch cartridge tape that was introduced in 1972, but underwent changes that saw it still being used in 2009. QIC holds two tape reels driven by a single belt in direct contact with the tape and is able to maintain a constant speed by using a motorized capstan.

Round Reel

The round reel, IBM System/360, released in 1964, was produced until 2002, when the 9-track system became obsolete. This system was the main storage production system for over three decades.


The Sony SD-1 was successfully used by everyone from large instrumentation systems to corporate servers. Many have used the Sony SD-1 format, which was created with the goal of achieving data interchangeability

SLR/MLR Tape Media

IBM QIC-format MLR/SLR™ data cartridges feature Linear recording technology. This makes for a cartridge that reduces tape stress, creating a more reliable storage unit.

Super DLT Data Tapes

Super DLT data tapes are guaranteed for three decades when handled and stored correctly. The majority store between 160 GB and 320 GB when compressed and  some can handle between  300 GB  and  600 GB when compressed.

T10000 Tape Media

Oracle’s StorageTek T10000 and high-capacity T10000 T2 data cartridges work with StorageTek T10000 tape drives to create larger storage capacity that allows for changeability.

TRAVAN Tape Media

Travan is an 8 mm magnetic tape cartridge design developed by the 3M company. It was created for computer backup and storage.

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