Just a few short years ago, the data center was the dominant feature of any IT infrastructure. While data centers may still be important to many IT operations, their role continues to change.

With the rapid proliferation of cloud services from the Big Four (Amazon, Microsoft Cloud / Azure, Google, and IBM), the data center is now less about lots of bare metal and more about strategic assets that are not ready for the cloud or have specific compliance needs that companies might feel better keeping a bit closer to the vest.

As the move to the cloud occurs, there are two interesting things that are happening that will serve to feed a thriving secondary market for the servers that once filled those great halls.

First, companies will be retiring data center assets long before their useful life has been completed. In the rush to meet the demands of every CEO who heard the word cloud at a cocktail party and now ‘must have it!’, companies will have an opportunity to get a much wider variety of higher end servers and storage devices that can be picked up at more affordable rates.

Second, as the physical data center morphs for the enterprise, the server rooms of smaller businesses will upgrade to accommodate the level of equipment that will be in the market. At Big Data Supply Inc., we are uniquely positioned to assist all companies making changes to their data center. We can help:

  • Companies and individuals who are looking to replace existing data center hardware with an upgrade but are not in the market for the latest and greatest. Instead, they understand the great value that can be received from refurbished servers, switches, data tape media cartridges like new IBM 3592JB tape cartridge 700Gb or certified IBM 3592JB 700Gb, etc, that are ‘like new’ and represent a significant upgrade. We sell all data center/IT hardware and consumables in all conditions such as new, open-box and refurbished. We also can provide all data center services that may be needed.
  • Companies and individuals who are looking to sell used IT equipment that they will no longer be using for any number of reasons. We buyback all data center/IT hardware and consumables new and used.
  • Companies that want to switch to the cloud. Our hosting environment consists of scalable resources to support businesses large and small. The environment runs on a secure, high-performance cloud environment built on enterprise-class IBM hardware and software.

Our goal is to help companies with asset inventory by taking it off of their books and finding a home for that same asset after the refurbishing process is completed. We have served clients both nationally and internationally and have years of experience helping companies make smooth transitions in their IT environment. Please contact us if you have questions or to request a quote.