Data Tape Media

In previous years, there has been a debate whether tape is better than disk. They have been rivals for many years. Data tapes media like certified IBM 3592JD 10Tb and new IBM 3592JC 4Tb are returning with a bang. Popular tape manufacturers, including Oracle, Fuji, IBM, Imation, HP and many others are coming together and proudly stating that tape is a much better option than disk. Here are a few reasons tape is making a successful comeback:

Price of Ownership

Many storage analysts agree tape is more affordable than disk. Many companies require mass amounts of storage for important data. When data tape is required in large amounts, tape can cost as much as 15 times less than disk data storage; tape can store many Petabytes of essential data.


Data tape is not what it once was and has improved drastically over the years. One popular innovation with data tape technology is active archive. Instead of holding 20 to 40 terabytes of data on a daily basis, the storage capacity has increased to 20 Petabytes. If there is a malfunction with disk storage, all essential files will be lost. Tape storage will only lose a total of one to two files, if any.

Storage Capacity

Businesses need a lot more storage than they have in previous years. Whether it is a large or small company or individual, hundreds of thousands of files may need to be stored for safe keeping over a long period of time. Disks can hold as much as 4 Terabytes of data whereas tape can hold 5 Terabytes of data and has future plans to expand their storage limits even further. Even older, less expensive tapes such as HP's LTO-3 can hold 400-800 GB of data per tape, more than enough for most businesses.


Reliability is a primary concern for people seeking storage solutions. Storing paperwork in hundreds of file cabinets is a storage solution of the past. If a flood, fire or other disaster occur, the files will be destroyed. When essential documents and files are stored on data tape media, there is a decreased chance of disaster, errors, malfunctions and mishaps.

Tape Growth

Numbers show that tape sales and shares have decreased. The good news is that the tape market is taking control again and has an expected growth of 45 percent each year. These increased tape shares are expected to increase throughout 2015 and future years.


You may not believe how many companies use mass amounts of data tape. Major companies, such as National Geographic, have a high demand for tape. Unstructured media benefits greatly from tape and tape saves its users a lot of space and money.

Cloud VS Tape

Since the cloud was introduced years ago, a lot of people are wondering how long it will take for take for tape to disappear completely, forever. The answer is never; with help from the cloud, tape has a chance to to be reborn and introduce itself to the world as a new and improved product.

Data tapes media like Oracle T10000 and certified IBM 3592JC 4Tb have proven to be reliable and beneficial to companies. Even companies who currently do not use tape are considering making a major switch to help their company thrive, be more organized and reduce the risk of data loss. Businesses are seeing how tape works and how much it has improved over the years. For this reason, they are considering making the switch and use tape as a permanent solution to high-quality storage and security. When businesses found that the cloud could help tape users by enhancing the features tape offers, a lot of businesses decided to jump on the bandwagon and see how much it could benefit their company. In future years, data media tape will be in high demand and sellers of data media tape have a lot to look forward to.

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