We Buy New and Used Servers - Send us a List!If you’ve found yourself wondering what exactly you are going to do with one or more of your used servers, you aren’t alone. We at Big Data Supply are constantly in touch with customers who aren’t quite sure what they should do and help them to make the best decision.

The beauty of today is that there are more options than you may be aware of… but first thing is first. The number one concern of all organizations should be the security of the data within a used server. Before you go chucking a server in a dumpster or donating it to an organization, it is vital that you destroy all data.

Not only can your data get into the wrong hands, you can face huge fines and negative recourse if you aren’t carefully following industry standards for data destruction. This leaves you with the task of taking inventory of all the data that needs to be destroyed and making sure you have the means to destroy the data.

This is where we often come in for organizations…

Our team works to make sure that all data found on servers is completely eradicated. Beyond data destruction, we buy servers for top dollar. Rather than throwing away a server that you paid a small fortune for, you have the power to recoup some of your initial investment.

We recycle all reusable servers and then make them available to other organizations. This is good for a number of reasons including —

- Your servers won’t end up in landfills or be incinerated (sending horrid toxins into the environment).
- Perfectly good used electronics don’t go to waste.
- It’s simply the eco-friendly thing to do.
- You walk away with cash or credit!

The beauty of selling your used IT equipment like old CPU, used desktops, used laptops and used GPU to Big Data Supply is that you don’t have to worry — at all. Our recycling process is streamlined, and we do everything within our power to make the experience painless.

If for some reason you don’t choose to recycle your used servers and decide to throw them away, it all goes back to data security. It is essential that you find a way to completely eradicate all data.

Have questions about your servers or data storage infrastructure? We’d be happy to help. Please give us a call or shoot an e-mail our way.

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