We recently saw the following headline from an article in the LA Times:

As venture capital dries up, tech start-ups discover frugality

It isn’t often that you see the words frugality and start-ups together in the same article let alone the same sentence! Why is this frugality the latest craze?

“Tech start-up Appthority's office has plush conference rooms, soundproof phone booths, an enormous kitchen and a view of San Francisco Bay. It has ping-pong and foosball tables, beer on tap and 11 types of tea.

The cybersecurity company owns none of it. And that's how the company's president and co-founder, Domingo Guerra, likes it.

"Any time you have flexibility and you don't have a liability, it looks good on the books," Guerra said.”

This combination of flexibility without liability is fueling more than just start-ups these days. Many businesses are making their move to the cloud for their infrastructure needs because they can have a flexible IT environment without showing any assets.

One by-product of this move to frugality, however, is what these companies are doing with their hardware and data storage media which was once their infrastructure. Companies’ IT hardware still has value, and smart businesses are cashing in on these assets. With just a minimal effort, they not only make their business more flexible in the cloud, but they even get money for their old assets. Used servers, used hard drives like old Toshiba hard drives or old IBM hard drives, tape drives, tape libraries, switches, data tape media cartridges like certified IBM 3592JB 700Gb, IBM 3592JC 4Tb certified or IBM 3592JD 10Tb certified, and telecom products can be exchanged for cash with Big Data Supply.

Many companies, especially in emerging markets, need IT equipment but are not in the market for the ‘latest and greatest’ so they turn to the secondary market where they can buy refurbished IT equipment for just a fraction of the cost. What’s one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

So embrace this move to frugality in your business by selling older IT assets and equipment like used tablets, used desktops, old GPU and used CPU, that are being replaced with new machines or moving to the cloud. As the LA Times reminds us, look for ways of “trimming excess, finding flexibility and, sometimes, being scrappy. You know, like a start-up.” Our friendly service team at Big Data Supply is standing by, ready to turn your old IT equipment into cash and start you on the road to frugality.