Fuji Manufactures 100 Millionth LTO Data Tape!Fujifilm Corporation has announced that it has officially manufactured more than 100 million LTO tape cartridges since its release of the LTO-1 in the year 2000.

To put this accomplishment into perspective, this means that the company has produced more than 41 million miles of tape or more than enough to wrap around the planet 1,653 times. It also equates to more than 53,000 petabytes of storage space.

Data storage experts continue to be amazed by the growing demand for tape, as media companies, government agencies, and quickly expanding organizations continue to create massive amounts of data. This means they must seek out cost-effective data storage technologies if they are to stay competitive in today’s challenging economy.

It just so happens that LTO tape is highly cost-effective. This is because a single tape can house huge amounts of data, its scalable, and is very reliable. Plus, tape can be stored for more than 30 years -- making it an excellent option for long-term storage.

The newest version of LTO tapes (the LTO-6) works amazingly well and can hold up to 6.25TB of compressed data and boasts of a transfer rate of up to 400 MB/second. Each tape makes use of Barium Ferrite magnetic particles that inspires better coercivity and frequency than previous LTO tape versions.

What does this all mean for tape? The answer is quiet simple. Fujifilm, IBM, HP, Sony, Quantum, and other major players are serious about its future. Tape is nowhere near dead!

Beyond the fact that tape offers an excellent medium for long-term storage, it can be recycled and reused. This not only makes tape economical, it is also environmentally friendly.

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