IBM has officially announced it’s proprietary General Parallel File System (GPFS) will soon easily write files to tape on cartridges through an enterprise edition of LTFS. It will be referred to as “Big Blue’s Linear Tape File System.”

As we’ve shared numerous times, LTFS allows for files to be stored in a defined location within a tape. This allows for data to be placed in folders and retrieved with ease. LTFS is currently available on LTO-5, LTO-6, and TS1140 tape.

IBM is currently developing an LTFS EE (Enterprise Edition) that offers a clear and defined link between GPFS and LTFS. There are numerous benefits to this, but the most important one is that when you put an LTFS tape in a tape library, it will be possible to import it with LTFS EE commands. The data will then show up within the GPFS filesystem.

This is possible because LTFS EE will utilize a hidden GPFS filesystem to map all data from LTFS to GPFS.

This finally offers a way for bulk GPFS data that is rarely accessed (but needs to be retained for years to come) to be stored in a cost-effective manner. In other words, storing this data offline on tape is much less expensive than utilizing disk space.

Storing Tier 2 and Tier 3 data on tape is especially ideal in today’s world, where data storage environments are growing faster than ever.

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This especially includes the use of tape, thanks to the advancements of the LTO consortium — which includes IBM.

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