It feels like Google impacts everything that we do these days. When you stop to think about it, the truth of that statement can be a bit unnerving. Your business, regardless of your industry for the most part, is impacted by Google, and most businesses have incorporated paid search and SEO into their marketing mix as a requirement for success.

But what about the impact on the IT infrastructure of your business? Sure, Google Drive currently creates and stores files, but Google’s future impact on the IT infrastructure is bigger.  Google’s earnings call from April 2016 was a bit unique in that it broke out its businesses separate from search for only the second time. As the Business Insider reported:

Google's Other Revenue, which includes its Google Play app store and cloud business, were $2.07 billion, up 24% year-over-year.

Nothing to sneeze at, but not all of that revenue is for the cloud, and even if it was, it would be miniscule in comparison to Amazon’s cloud revenue. But what lies ahead will be driven by a very successful businessperson in Diane Green, a co-founder of VMware and now the senior vice president in charge of cloud and enterprise at Google. She is convinced that despite Google spotting Amazon four years in the market, Google will truly rival Amazon sooner than later.

A lot of bluster for investors? Maybe. But considering the success that Google has with most anything else, their dedication to being the top cloud provider will impact everyone’s business in some way. Let’s take a look at a couple of possible impacts.

  • Price wars will speed the adoption of cloud services – Google and Amazon will make the public cloud and the pricing associated with it, a true race to zero. As a result, more businesses will move to the cloud because the cost structure will be too favorable to ignore.
  • Everyone will accept the cloud as a viable alternative – Right now, there is still some fear about moving fully to the cloud. While it may be understandable, this will not last.
  • Cloud security will be better than anything else – Google has done a pretty good job keeping the bad guys out of their own search engine infrastructure for a long time. Would Google “drop the ball” and make the cloud less secure for paying customers? I doubt it and so should you.
  • Google has extremely deep pockets and a strong desire – Google has a history of winning high stakes corporate battles. They may not print money in Mountain View, but it does seem like it at times.

What might this mean for your business? It’s rather straightforward. Whether you decide to go to the cloud completely, have a hybrid approach, or not move at all, your way of doing business with partners will change. Your data center hardware needs of today may look very different. Also, you may not get away with keeping that aging server around for years past its prime.

All in all, how you handle every aspect of your IT delivery will be impacted by Google’s dedication to the cloud. They are changing the market with brute force, and you need to be prepared.

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