In the world of big data, media companies are growing to understand a single fact: In the coming years, they will need to store massive amounts of data over the longterm. And thanks to new LTO tape cartridge advancements, organizations are realizing it can easily be used throughout the production and post process.

Not only can LTO tape cartridges hold huge amounts of data, the newest couple of versions are equipped with LTFS. This feature allows for tape to be used in a very similar manner as disk. You can now easily write data to a tape and retrieve data quickly.

Another reason LTO tape is growing in popularity and not dying out (as many data experts once predicted), is because it is less expensive than disk. Storing large amounts of data online at all times can amount to a massive expense. On the other hand, tape can be stored offline for 30 years and more.

One of the most exciting moments for LTO occurred recently. XenData introduced the SXL-5000, a scalable LTO archive that begins at 210 TB and can scale to 1.2 PB. This is great news for media organizations that are continually needing to upgrade their data storage infrastructure.

It has been quite common for organizations to use USB-attached disks for maintaining their data. This can be very costly and even dangerous. If a disk fails or is hacked, then what happens? Using LTO to back up all disks makes perfect sense. But beyond archiving, LTO is increasingly being used to help organizational members meet deliverables. For example, a media organization might house large video files that need to be used during post-production.

Thus, it is safe to say LTFS has given LTO tape a whole new life.

The other amazing selling point for LTO tape is the fact that it can be recycled and reused. For the organization that burns through huge amounts of data quickly, this is a huge financial gain for them. After a tape is wiped clean, it can be reused by the organization. Rather than investing in all-new technologies on a constant basis, it is possible to make he most of equipment that has already been paid for.

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