As we shared in our last post, there are numerous reasons why organizations around the world are relying on LTO tape cartridges for far more than just archived data — the kind that will sit in a storage facility collecting dust for decades to come.

Now, LTO is playing a much larger role — even with the ever-evolving cloud. StudioDaily points out how LTO fits perfectly into a data storage scenario that includes the cloud.

It is now possible to use LTO tape to quickly gather data from various sources and then upload the data directly into the cloud. With recent LTO advancements, the medium is both portable and very convenient to use.

In the recent past, the cloud was primarily seeded with hard drives, but XenData and other innovators in the data storage marketplace have predicted that LTO archives will soon be a mainstay in the cloud.

XenData has upped the ante by creating a private, LTO-based cloud solution. Their concept surrounds that idea of putting an LTO library in the cloud for two reasons: (1) It is price-competitive for organizations with huge amounts of data and (2) it is secure — Having data in two places (in the cloud and on LTO tape) safeguards against data emergencies.

Is the Cloud Any Good?

At Big Data Supply, we’ve shared our philosophy on the cloud before — there is definitely a place for the cloud and is great in many instances. However, we strongly urge companies to consider regular LTO backups.

Here’s why:

1. LTO backups are secure and durable.
2. LTO tape makes data storage centers more cost-effective.
3. You never want to solely rely on a hosted data storage scenario. It’s best to have hard-copies of ALL of your most important data in case of a system failure.
4. What happens if your cloud provider goes out of business? Your data may get lost in the process.
5. LTO tape can be expunged of data and used again.

The list could go on and on…

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