Cloud Backup Service

In this technologically advanced world, people have started to leverage the offerings of cloud data storage. The cloud backup is a service through which cloud computing resources and infrastructure are used to create, edit, manage, and restore data, services, or application backup. This type of cloud storage is managed remotely over the internet service, which allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere.

Because you can access your data virtually, a cloud backup service actually prevents data loss that may occur due to hardware malfunction or natural disaster. In such cases, your data will remain safe in the offsite and remote storage platform. Making cloud backup a highly flexible and safe solution for all of your data storage needs.

Although the cloud backup is not a substitute for a local backup or data stored on an external hard drive or data tape, it is an easier and more accessible solution to it. When you store or perform a backup of your data through the cloud, you are actually creating a backup offsite. That means you can access your data offline. In addition to the easy accessibility of your data via a cloud backup, some of the cloud service providers also provide a mobile application making it accessible globally anywhere, anytime, or from any device.

Forget about carrying storage devices or running a remote server alone. With a cloud backup service, you only have to upload the data to store, allowing hassle free and efficient access to it whenever you want.

Apart from easy accessibility and data loss prevention, a cloud backup service is encrypted and protected offering an additional feature that provides protection from theft. Just as any good Internet service provider, such as IBM iSeries AS400 Cloud storage, all of your data in transit and stored in their servers are encrypted. You can also have the option to use your own key for the data encryption, taking data storage and security to the next level.

In this technologically advanced era, cloud backup services have become an industry standard for storing data. Due to its numerous benefits, people and companies have started relying on cloud backup service as it is now needed more than ever. From flexibility, scalability, enhanced performance and easy accessibility you can take your business to the next level with a professional cloud backup service provider.