While the pundits and prognosticators of the IT industry, and in particular the data storage sector, want to proclaim the death of tape for backups and archiving, the technology continues to roll on as if it can’t hear a single word.

With unstructured data becoming more and more ‘normal’, tape for backup and archiving is one of the best ways to protect these large file formats. Tape, however, is not just for this kind of storage. In fact, traditional uses of tape for backups continue to grow as the technology becomes more capable of handling larger data sets.

With the advent of LTO (Linear Tape –Open) 7 coming to the market in December of 2015, there is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the LTO-6 standard. With a raw capacity of 2.5 TB and a 2.5:1 compression rate, LTO-6 tapes have the capacity to do most jobs for a variety of IT backup and storage needs.

Some other features of the LTO-6 family are highlighted here from TechTarget’s SearchStorage site:

The native data transfer rate for Generation 6 is 160 MBps, and the compressed data rate is up to 400 MBps. LTO-6 supports previously added features such as WORM, hardware-based encryption, and partitioning, enabling LTFS. As with prior LTO generations, LTO-6 drives provide backward compatibility with the ability to read and write LTO-5 cartridges and read LTO-4 cartridges. An LTO Ultrium drive can read data from a cartridge in its own generation and two previous generations, and it can write data to a cartridge in its own generation and the immediate prior generation.

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