VXA and LTO Data Tapes

Does your business use VXA or LTO data tapes?

If yes, then it is important to understand how to properly maintain these media storage devices. Depending on the amount of information you need to store and for how long, how well your business maintains tape drives can save the company money in media equipment expenses and prevent media-related issues. Proper care means the devices will last longer and your business does will have to purchase more as frequent. Tape drives that are maintained well will also back up information faster and correctly. According to an article by lto.org, Data Sticks to Tape, with proper maintenance data tapes are a low cost, speedy solution for long-term data storage.

It does not take much work. However, a bit of guidance and education will keep your data tape drives in excellent condition.

Store Tapes Properly

Improperly storing LTO data tapes can cause important information stored on the device to get lost. Once this data is lost it is almost impossible to get it back. Although these are made to last awhile, you should be very careful when handling data tapes. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

• Always store data tapes in a cool area with low humidity. Leaving them outside in the heat can cause damage to LTO and VXA tape drives.
• Never touch the tape or open the cartridge’s door.
• Remember to stay organized by labeling the tapes.
• Keep data tapes in its protective case or a dust-tight container designed specifically for tape storage.
• Keep tapes away from devices or objects that emit high magnetic fields.

Replace Tapes

Most LTO data tapes can handle many rewrites, but eventually they will wear out. The tapes will begin to display error statistics and the time it takes to perform backups will increase, which can cost the company valuable time. The moment you see signs that your media tape may give out soon, you should replace them immediately. Do not wait until it is too late.

Stay mindful of how many uses each tape has been through. A simple way to keep track is to set a log or marker for each device. You can also have a reminder to discard the cartridges when it is close to the end of the device's life expectancy. We do not recommend using the device all the way to its end life.

You should also replace cartridges if the following occur:

• The data tape was dropped and the shell is damaged.
• The tape was exposed to extreme weather conditions.
• The cartridge door was opened accidentally, and the tape was pinched.
• See increased media errors.

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Clean the Tape Drive

It is very easy for tape drives to accumulate dust and debris in the tape path. With time, brown stain build-up will appear in the tapes. Dirty tapes will shorten the life expectancy of the device and also make data storing harder. You can clean them by using a cleaning cartridge. Please remember to use a cleaning cartridge that is recommended for that specific data tape. At Big Data Supply, we also sell cleaning tapes that will clean unwanted debris, and brown stain build up on the tapes. Following a recommended cleaning schedule will help data tapes last longer and run more efficiently with limited error rates.

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