Qualstar, a manufacturer of data storage solutions, has released its latest line of LTO tape libraries. This comes at a time in which organizations are increasingly turning to LTO technologies for longterm storage and regular backups.

The new Qualstar library is the Q24, which offers a smaller operator console and screen than the company’s previous versions. It also offers a Web-based remote library manager that allows for admins to configure, monitor, and upgrade any library over an intranet or the Internet.

It is expected that small and midsize organizations will adopt the Q24. While the Q24 is compact, it is quite powerful and allows for easy scaling and upgrading from LTO-5 to LTO-6.

Other key features of the Qualstar Q24 include:

- 24 cartridge slots
- 12-slot magazines
- An I/O port
- One full-height or two half-height LTO-5 or LTO-6 tape drives
- Up to 150 terabytes with LTO-6 compression at 2:5:1
- 2U height x 19-inch rack mount
- Barcode comes standard. This streamlines the inventory process.

Why Consider LTO Tape?

There are numerous reasons organizations should consider LTO tape. First and foremost, it is economical. Disk-only data storage infrastructures are must more expensive.

Secondly, tape is the eco-friendly way to go. Tape can be recycled and reused. This is very important as e-waste (much of which could be reused) is thrown into landfills and/or incinerated.

Thirdly, LTO-tape is getting more powerful and is expected to become even more so in the coming years. Thanks to LTFS and the massive amounts of data each tape can store, gobs of data can be quickly stored and easily retrieved after the fact.

Finally, tape is extremely stable. It has a shelf life of 30-plus years. You can be sure you data will be safe from harm and danger at all times with LTO-tape.

How to Get Started with Tape

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