IT Asset Recovery

Does your business have equipment sitting in storage that it simply doesn't know what to do with? IT assets generally need to be handled with care: not only could they still contain personal and confidential information, but they usually cannot be disposed outside designated disposal channels and that can lead to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars of equipment sitting idle. A company interested in recapturing its IT budget can instead go through an IT asset recovery process. IT asset recovery reclaims everything of use: from old equipment, scrubbing data clean and reselling usable devices and components.

The Problem of Old IT Assets

Old IT assets tend to stack up. Disk arrays, data tapes, hard drives—they all need to be appropriately dealt with and scrubbed completely to protect your company's confidential information and intellectual property. Most companies simply don't have the time or the resources to devote to making their IT assets safe enough for resale, and there could be significant liability issues involved in selling an item that has not been entirely wiped clean. More complex equipment, such as routers, switches, and servers may not even be fully-functioning, and thus a company won't be able to recover much from it. And even if a company could sell these assets, they then run into the problem of procuring a customer and shipping the goods to them.

Safe and Fast IT Asset Recovery

IT asset recovery is the most effective solution to the ever-growing "hoard" of technology that nearly every large IT department has. Asset recovery operates very similarly to a buyback program; assets are sold directly to a business for cash and that business handles the entire procedure, from start to finish. The process begins with you sending in information regarding the IT assets that you are no longer using. The asset recovery center will give you a fair quote for each item and will even send you shipping labels to cover the cost of shipping.

Once you've agreed on the pricing and received your shipping labels in the mail, you can send your IT assets off and your funds will be sent—it's just that simple. You won't need to worry about shipping, data cleaning, or finding the right place to drop off your old IT equipment. The recovery center will completely destroy any data on the IT asset once it's received and will even furnish a certificate regarding the successful destruction of your data for your peace of mind. IT departments can then reinvest these funds into new equipment and upgrades for their company. In fact, they can even do so through the very same asset recovery shop.

Affordable IT Asset Solutions

Recovery centers aren't just a great place to sell old IT equipment like used GPU, old desktops, old CPU, used Seagate hard drives or used Samsung hard drives, they're also a great place to purchase new-to-you IT assets for expansions and upgrades. The recovery center will recondition and restore media and equipment to be usable for businesses. These assets can be purchased at an affordable price and are guaranteed to be in working condition. Recovery centers also don't only sell reconditioned items—companies like Big Data Supply Inc. also have extremely affordable deals on large quantities of data tape media such as certified IBM 3592JD 10Tb, Oracle T10000, new IBM 3592JC 4Tb and other related technology thus, they serve as a full-service warehouse for reconditioned equipment and data services.

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