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Are you looking to sell your used IBM servers? We purchase IBM servers in bulk, both new and used. Leading the way in corporate IBM server recycling, we provide the best prices for used IBM servers that you sell to us. We also provide the highest security standards to safely destroy any sensitive data belonging to your company. We'll also give you a certificate of data destruction as evidence when you sell your IBM server to us.

We will cover the following when you sell used IBM servers to us: 

  • Shipping from any location in the world
  • Data destruction
  • Data destruction certificate

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By selling your used IBM servers, you can stay compliant, and ensure that all sensitive data is destroyed. Along with a full chain of custody tracking, comprehensive reporting of secure data destruction, and the most cost-effective and ecologically friendly method of IBM servers recycling, our comprehensive program includes free value audits to guarantee the highest price.
We are RIOS and R2v3 certified. This means a lot in the world of IT equipment. This certifies our compliance with industry best practices for electronics waste management, IBM server recycling, and the electronics industry. The ANSI-accredited RIOS certification standard satisfies all requirements from OHSAS:18001 (safety), ISO:9001 (quality), and ISO:14001 (environment). Businesses that meet the requirements for responsible recycling are granted R2v3 & RIOS certification. Wherever and whenever you choose to sell or recycle your old and used IBM servers, R2v3 & RIOS guarantees a consistent level of service.
Frequently Asked Questions
Should You Sell Your Used IBM Servers?
All things don't last forever, and your business' IBM servers are no exception. But frequently, business owners are unaware of the best time to sell their used IBM servers. Do you sell used IBM servers when they stop working entirely or when you see that things are moving more slowly?

How would you go about doing this if you decided to sell used IBM servers?

We are frequently asked these kinds of questions. Let's take a look at some tips on how to decide whether to sell your used IBM servers or not.


Keeping up with technology is something you should do. Older IBM servers are more susceptible to malware, viruses, and hacking. Sell your used IBM servers and get a new one if your systems are old. This is particularly valid if your business intends to grow. You should increase security measures and purchase newer technology if your customers keep growing.


Has the speed of your IBM server noticeably decreased? If so, an upgrade is in order. You can save money on purchasing new IBM servers by selling your used IBM servers for extra money. In this manner, replacing them will cost a lot less. Your employees will work more productively and efficiently all day long when your system is operating more quickly. An IBM server with better performance can be very beneficial to your business.


Do you need more space? Sell the used IBM servers you no longer need. It would be better to clear out any servers that are just gathering dust in a warehouse or equipment room so that staff members have more space to work or store things. If your company decides to sell used IBM servers, it can save a lot of capital.


Selling your IBM server while it’s still functional will get your company more money than selling it when it breaks down. The IBM server loses a lot of value when it breaks down. Additionally, if your IBM server crashes, your business may lose a lot of money.

How to sell the used IBM servers?

You can sell your used IBM servers with our help. We would be more than pleased to purchase your used IBM servers. In addition, Big Data Supply provides a large selection of IBM servers that you can purchase to swap out the ones you are selling.

Big Data Supply is a market leader and takes pride in offering used IBM servers for sale. This is the ideal place if your business is looking to buy or sell used IBM servers.

We offer more than just inexpensive used IBM servers. We will retrieve the equipment from your data center for your organization.  We guarantee that your company's information is never compromised or ends up in the wrong hands by employing efficient asset recovery strategies. Give us a call if you need to purchase a new or used IBM server. For most of our products, we also provide quick shipping. We want to be of any assistance to you. We will get in touch with you as soon as we can after you complete the contact form.


Are old IBM servers worth anything?

In general, supply and demand dictate the answer to this question: if someone is still willing to purchase your IBM server, then it should be worth something. However, this depends on a number of important factors.

Luckily, finding the resale value of your IBM server, or any other IT equipment, is now relatively simple in the era of the internet. Just search for sites like eBay or Amazon for someone who wants to sell a used IBM server too and compare the average price.

To do this, you must identify a number of crucial factors:

  • Brand: certain brands may have a higher resale value than others because they are more well-known and in demand. For instance, server brands, such as Dell, HPE, and IBM are well-known.
  • Model: some models are more costly than others; that is, some brands may classify their models according to various tiers.
  • Condition: whether there are any defects, if the used IBM server is still operating efficiently, etc.

You only need to evaluate the IBM server's status if the server unit has a visible serial or part number because you can easily identify the generation, and model of the IBM server by searching for the serial number on Google.


How do you sell a corporate IBM server?

When you sell a used corporate IBM server, keep in mind that, depending on the industry you're in, you might have to comply with certain laws. Other things to consider:

  • Secure data eradication: make sure all data on your IBM server has been safely erased and is unrecoverable. If your industry is highly regulated, you may need to obtain a Certificate of Data Destruction in order to ensure compliance.
  • Sustainability: make sure that the applicable sustainability standards and regulations are followed. It is possible that you will have to restrict sales to ISO 14001 accredited businesses or R2v3 & RIOS certified ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) companies.
  • Audit trail: maintain thorough records of the IBM server's lifecycle from the time of purchase until it is sold or otherwise disposed of.

You have to be extremely careful when selling or getting rid of your old IBM servers. If you don't, you could end up in hot water with the law and lose a lot of credibility for your company.

Selling your used corporate IBM server through an approved ITAD company, such as Big Data Supply Inc., which specializes in secure data erasure, recycling, transport, and appropriate documentation of used IT assets, is the simplest and most profitable option.

Also, keep in mind that the value of hard drives tends to go down faster than the actual IBM server unit, so it's typically better to swap and sell the old hard drives earlier (around four years in).


What is the lifespan of an IBM server?
IBM servers typically last between five and eight years, assuming proper maintenance is performed on the hardware. The majority of businesses and individuals begin selling their IBM servers after five years, but if properly cared for and placed in a suitable physical environment, an IBM server can last up to eight years before you might need to start looking for a replacement.

Furthermore, you might not have to sell or swap out the entire IBM server. Since IBM servers' hard drives typically fail first, you can extend the life of the IBM server by simply replacing the old hard drive with a new one. You might want to replace the HDD on an IBM server that uses a traditional HDD (one with rotating motorized disks) around the 4-year mark.

Nonetheless, you might be able to extend the drive's life a little bit if the IBM server is running one of the more recent SSDs (Solid State Drives).

It's also generally better to swap out and sell the old hard drives earlier (about four years in), as hard drives lose value more quickly than the actual IBM server unit.

Can IBM servers be recycled?
It is true that IBM servers can be recycled, and Big Data Supply Inc., an ITAD company, is certified for environmentally friendly IBM server recycling and asset management.

Even though we advise selling the used IBM server to generate additional revenue, there are situations in which recycling the IBM server is the owner's best (or at least preferred) choice.

However, keep in mind that recycling an IBM server could result in environmental risks from electronic waste, and recycling it might also make you subject to environmental regulations. Hazardous substances such as lead, beryllium, cadmium, mercury, and hexavalent chromium may be present in your IBM server.

In addition, if your used IBM server is not properly recycled or disposed of, data on the drives could be partially recovered and accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Having said that, it is imperative that you select an ITAD specialist vendor who is certified for both secure data erasure and responsible recycling if you do decide to sell your old IBM server.

Selling your used IBM servers to a professional will provide you peace of mind because you will know that your servers will be recycled properly and that your data is safe from hackers and cybercriminals.

Where can I sell used IBM servers?

If you want to sell your used IBM server, you have three main options:

  1. Utilize peer-to-peer marketplaces (such as eBay) to locate your own buyers. It can be challenging to find the right buyer willing to purchase the products at your terms. But you have the most freedom when it comes to pricing and "promoting" your used IBM server.
  2. List your used IBM server unit(s) on classified sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or even Amazon. Compared to peer-to-peer marketplaces, these platforms usually make it easier to find buyers for IBM servers. But here you'll have less control over the terms and price you can offer.
  3. Sell your IBM servers to specialized IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) firms, and they will take care of the IT machinery. This is the simplest and fastest choice (in which case your used IBM server can still be sold for a reasonable market price). Since your IBM servers probably contain sensitive and/or regulated data, keep in mind that these ITAD companies will also handle secure data eradication for you.