We Buy New and Used Data Tape Media.

We Buy New and Used Data Tape Media. All Brands and Formats. Call for a free audit.

Data destruction is a hot topic of late, as organizations of all shapes and sizes are working to develop policies and practices to make sure they protect their best interests and comply with industry regulations.

When considering the best way to destroy some of your data, it should first be mentioned that it’s important to develop clear and concise rules and regulations for data storage and destruction within your organization. Failing to do so can be dangerous on many levels in today’s world.

Types of Data Destruction
There are a few forms of data destruction that are currently used including shredding, degaussing, and incineration.

Shredding and incineration result in the total destruction of a tape or disk, while degaussing sees the magnetic field of a tape reversed. Degaussing a data storage tape paves the way for a tape to be reused again.

Tape Recycling
There is absolutely no reason an organization shouldn't consider recycling used data storage tapes. Not only is it a highly SECURE process but its environmentally responsible, highly auditable and it will also put money back into your pocket.

At Big Data Supply, we offer top dollar for used tape cartridges. Instead of perfectly good tape being destroyed, we degauss them and give them a second life. This is not only lucrative for those who sell tapes, it’s also a great deal for those who can save money by investing in recycled tapes.

The Art of Meeting Industry Regulations
Leading regulatory bodies including HIPAA, SOX, Sarbane Oxley, and the SEC take the maintaining of data very seriously. As you build and grow your data storage environment, you must deeply consider the rules and regulations that are set forth by regulatory bodies.

We work daily with organizations seeking to understand how to meet industry regulations for data destruction. Have a question? We would be happy to help!

Never Throw a Single Data Storage Tape in a Dumpster
One of the worst things you can do is throw a tape or disk into a dumpster. There are countless stories of data being stolen from the trash or organizations being fined by regulatory bodies for the incorrect disposal of data. Our data tape recycling process can include volser and serial number scanning and complete chain-of-custody reporting.

Have questions about data destruction? We’d be happy to help. Please either call or e-mail us, and we’ll get you on the right track.

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Without a doubt, one of the biggest concerns of our customers is data erasure for their used/old tape. This is to be expected, as proprietary data should be guarded against all odds. This is why we as an organization have developed a winning solution.

Our executive engineering partners spent more than five years investing in research and development for the best possible method of data eradication for LTO cartridges. The technique completely erases each LTO Ultrium tape, rather than re-writing a test pattern over existing data.

To successfully accomplish this task, we actually degauss tapes between the servo bands without destroying them. This allows for them to be reused again by the same or a different organization. Our LTO Tape Erasure and Reconditioning process meets the rigorous demands of major regulatory bodies such as HIPAA, SOX, SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, and more.

Additionally, our process is environmentally friendly. Because we completely wipe LTO tape free of data and make them ready for reuse, numerous tapes are kept out of landfills and kept from incineration. Recycling is a responsible action that can be taken by organizations large and small.

How Our Reuse Process Works

To give you a deeper understanding of how our process works, the following steps are employed as we recondition LTO tape:

1. All data is completely expunged from pin to hub by “localized” degaussing. (DO NOT USE A TRADITIONAL DEGAUSSER) (see video:
2. The entire tape surface is cleaned.
3. The media pack is exercised and precision retentioned.
4. The tape reference edge is laser scanned and evaluated for quality.
5. Each tape is performance evaluated for age, wear from usage, data errors, servo track errors, and drive interface issues.
6. A separate drive read/write data test and reset to blank tape action is performed.
7. A permanent marker is recorded onto the tape memory to date and reveal our process has been performed.
8. A complete record is kept by Big Data Supply as proof that each tape has undergone erasure, is reset, and is high quality.

There are many benefits surrounding LTO Data erasure. Not only is it eco-friendly and does it help organizations meet various regulations where data is concerned, it has the power to generate cash.

If for any reason you don’t want to hold on to your old tapes, our buy-back program pays cash for recycled tape.

Feel free to ask our team as many questions as you’d like on both data erasure and our buyback program. We live to educate our clients!

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LTO Tape Eraser

LTO Tape Eraser in action.

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