With 2017 on the horizon, the technology industry has been in transition over the past year. A new year is a chance for restrategizing and technological advancements. Cloud computing has helped revolutionize many companies over the past few years and with data being the core value of many companies, it has been a game changer. In order for your company to work more efficiently, we are going to look at what’s in store for the cloud in 2017 to maintain your balanced and productive business flow.


Hybrid Cloud Technology

More companies will start relying on a hybrid approach to the cloud that consists of on-premise data storage and cloud integration. Smaller companies will be able to easily migrate to the cloud fully with this method. For enterprise level businesses, adopting this method of on-site and off-site data storage requires buy-ins from across the organization.

As enterprises usually store the majority of their data on site and in company controlled servers, it’s not as quick of a transition like smaller businesses. While there are high upfront costs for big companies moving their data to the cloud, the hybrid cloud approach reduces costs and saves a significant amount of money in the long-run.

Shifting Toward Big Cloud Providers

With more companies shifting toward an all cloud solution and hybrid approach, companies like Amazon have been dominating the market for cloud platform services and will continue to gain momentum. They provide a platform that enables companies to incorporate a secure agile infrastructure, which allows companies the flexibility they require. Although some enterprises have dedicated their resources to launch their own private clouds, third party services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure have made it difficult to compete with them internally. Amazon is assisting those companies better manage their hybrid infrastructure with constant monitoring and cost management tools. Microsoft Azure is competitive in pricing and might be a more viable route for companies looking to save money.  Azure will continue to gain momentum in hybrid and container technologies in 2017.

According to Investopedia, “Cisco Systems Inc. will shut down its Intercloud Services public cloud by March of 2017.” With Amazon’s additional features, Cisco is not the only company it’s knocked out of the cloud race. Many large companies attempting their own private cloud servers come to realize the time and expense are outweighed by the ease and cost-effectiveness of using third-party providers. With the constant shift in the cloud industry, companies have adapted their strategies accordingly.


New Improvements in Cloud Security

With more companies adopting the cloud, security threats will continue to be a concern for organizations. With data growing in the cloud, hackers will be motivated to find new methods to breach service providers. Security as a Service (SECaaS) will become a larger factor and organizations will look to implement additional cloud security and monitoring. With many cloud platforms offering subscription based SECaaS, security services including intrusion detection and 24/7 monitoring reduce the burden on your IT team. Security will become an important differentiator when it comes to choosing service providers in 2017.



With big cloud providers like Amazon and Google, enterprises and organizations have been shifting toward a multi-platform strategy. Managing multiple cloud platforms is going to require enhanced monitoring and cost effective strategy.  If you or your company is switching to the cloud, there’s no need to throw away your server hard drives and equipment. Big Data Supply, Inc. will buy your used and new IT equipment and professionally erase the data.

Contact us today with your list of equipment and let’s get you started.

In today’s big data world, it’s vital that all organizations pay close attention to their data storage needs - especially if video is a part of the scenario.

The common story is that videos are developed and made available 24 x 7. This puts massive demands on infrastructure. The same is true of storing large amounts of photos, customer data, and transactional data.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering your own infrastructure:

1. Define Your Needs
We’ve mentioned time and time again the importance of knowing what you need by way of short-term and long-term storage. The more you can define and predict where you are heading in the coming months and years, the better off you will be.

2. Consider Using Less Intensive Video Types
If you are continually growing your video library, you may want to consider streaming videos in Flash and/or offering low and high-res video options.

Many organizations are using tiered storage infrastructures that help speed up access to data and make data management much easier.

3. Stick with Tape
While you may find yourself using disk for many of your data storage needs, we strongly urge you to use tape when possible and tape is an obvious choice for long term archiving.

A growing number of organizations are realizing that regular data backups to tape are cost-effective and reliable. Plus, they are discovering the power of using tape as an active archive. This allows for them to restore datasets to disk at any time.

LTO-5 and LTO-6 are excellent for active archives for numerous reasons -- but most importantly, each tape holds a massive amount of data and has an easy to use file system (LTFS) for easy organization and data retrieval.

4. Think Twice About Relying on the Cloud
It’s becoming quite clear -- the cloud offers many advantages, but without regular data backups it may be dangerous. Make sure you have a backup system in place. We also recommend tape backups in this case.

If you are using tape please tape keep in mind that we at Big Data Supply, Inc. will purchase your excess new and out of archive data tape media cartridges. Recoup some of your initial investment with this highly secure and eco-friendly recycling option.

Have questions about your emerging data infrastructure? We can help you out. Drop us an e-mail or call and we’ll steer you in the right direction!

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We Buy New and Used Data Tape Media. LTO, 3592, AIT, QIC, ETC...

We Buy New and Used Data Tape Media. LTO, 3592, AIT, QIC, ETC...

Happy 2014! At Big Data Supply, we are amazed that the New Year has arrived so quickly. As the year unfolds, we will bring you all sorts of interesting facts, ideas, and stories surrounding data tape media.

To begin, we would like to share the importance of e-waste recycling. With only 3 percent of tape cartridges being recycled throughout the U.S., it is vital that organizations begin paying attention and taking action.

By choosing to recycle in 2014, your organization can:

• Keep perfectly good data hardware out of landfills.
• Greatly reduce the amounts of toxic gases from being released into the air. via incineration.
• Provide growing organizations the opportunity to purchase recycled goods and save money.
• Gain positive public relations for caring for the environment.
• Pave the way for a better future for today and tomorrow’s youth.

Plus, you can gain instant cash for selling new or used data tape media and other hardware. In fact, Big Data Supply pays top dollar for all tape cartridge formats including (but not limited to):

IBM 3592 JA, 300GB, 18P7534, 18P9271, 18P9263
IBM 3592 JB, 700GB, 23R9830, 23R9815, 23R9811
IBM 3592 JC, 4TB, 46X7452, 46X7452L, 46X7452LI
LTO-3, 400/800GB - All Brands
LTO-4, 800/1600GB - All Brands
LTO-5, 1.5/3TB - All Brands
LTO-6, 2.5/6.25TB - All Brands
8mm VXA X23, V23, X17, X10, X6, Exabyte or IBM
8mm VXA Cleaning Exabyte, IBM - New
SLR-5, 4/8GB - All Brands
MLR-1, 13/26GB, 16/32GB - All Brands
MLR / SLR Cleaning - All Brands New
4mm 170m DDS-5, DAT72 - all brands

We also pay top dollar for used disk array, tape libraries, peripherals, telecom equipment, and more.

Companies of all shapes and sizes rely on our team to make sure that all data is completely eradicated from tapes, helping them comply with regulations as set forth by SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley, SOX, and HIPAA.

We’ll make sure you are always 100% compliant with all regulations, while providing you instant cash for all of your new and used equipment.

In today’s world, there is no reason that organizations shouldn't take advantage of e-waste recycling programs. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

Have questions or want to get started as soon as possible? Call or e-mail our recycling team and we can get started!

[email protected] | Toll Free 800-905-7329 | Local 949-679-6633

We Buy New and Used Tape Libraries.

We Buy New and Used Tape Libraries.

Have a used tape library that you don’t know what to do with? The good news is that there are some excellent options out there for making a bit of cash when you sell used tape libraries.

At Big Data Supply, we offer top dollar for used tape libraries regardless of brand. Whether you have STK/SUN/Oracle, Dell, Compaq, Quantum (and all others), we’ll make sure that you get the best deal possible.

In case you are having doubts about selling one or more used tape libraries, we hope the following will help you make the right decision:

1. Selling Used Tape Libraries Opens Up Opportunities for Others

When you sell used tape libraries, this provides other organizations and individuals the ability to save a tremendous amount of money. Purchasing brand-new equipment is quite expensive, thus a growing number of up-and-coming firms are investing in refurbished technologies.

You also have the opportunity to buy used tape libraries if you are seeking an equipment upgrade.

2. Keeping Used Equipment Out of Landfills Rocks

The danger of holding on to technologies that you are no longer using is that one day they may end up in a landfill, rather then being proactively utilized. If you sell used tape libraries now, it is very possible they can quickly be refurbished and put into use.

An used unit gathering dust doesn’t do anybody a bit of good. Plus, each month or year that goes by is less cash in your pocket.

3. Joining the Technology Recycling Movement Makes a True Difference

It’s a wise decision to invest a bit of time and energy into a recycling program that can benefit both your organization and the world around you. When you recycle your tape library, you can let the world know what you are doing and inspire others to do the same.

Where Big Data Supply Comes Into the Picture
Not only do we purchase tape libraries, we buy new and used LTO tape, disk array, peripherals, and the list goes on.

We invite you to call or e-mail our offices with your questions. If you are wanting to sell one or more tape libraries, please provide as much detail as possible and we’ll get a quote to you as soon as possible!

We buy new and used Telecom Equipment.

We buy new and used Telecom Equipment.

If you’ve found yourself wondering what you are going to do with telecom equipment that isn’t being used and/or hasn’t been used for quite some time, you’ll be happy to know there are proactive steps you can take to getting rid of it.

First and foremost, it is vital that you understand that you should never throw old telecom (or other electronics) into the dumpster. When you do this, it usually is either sent to landfills or ends up being incinerated. Both of these options lead to the world becoming a more toxic environment.

Secondly, you should know that you may be able to sell used telecom equipment. At Big Data Supply, we purchase excess new and used telecom equipment. Tell us what you’ve got and we’ll provide a quote for workable equipment that can be refurbished and ready for use again.

Regardless of brand or model, we purchase new and used telecom and networking gear including (but not limited to) Cisco, Avaya/Lucent, NEC, Toshiba, Nortel, Siemens, Panasonic, Samsung, Ericcson, 3com, and more. Call or e-mail us with as much information possible on what you would like to sell, and we can get started.

There is much value in having your old telecom equipment purchased including:

1. You can sleep easier knowing you aren’t adding to the pile of e-waste that is growing throughout the world on a daily basis.
2. You can gain a substantial amount of cash that can be reinvested in your telecom or data storage infrastructure.
3. Other organizations or individuals can truly benefit from the cost savings when they purchase used telecom equipment.
4. Positive PR can result from your willingness to choose eco-friendly practices for disposing of equipment.

You can also sell used peripherals, hard drives, disks, LTO-tapes, disk array, and nearly any other pieces of equipment that can be recycled and reused.

For best practices within an organization, it is important that you set up a distinct set of rules and guidelines for the disposal of all high-tech equipment.

You can also keep our information on hand. We’ll make the process 100 percent painless!

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