We Buy New and Used Data Tape Media. LTO, 3592, AIT, QIC, ETC...

We Buy New and Used Data Tape Media. LTO, 3592, AIT, QIC, ETC...

Happy 2014! At Big Data Supply, we are amazed that the New Year has arrived so quickly. As the year unfolds, we will bring you all sorts of interesting facts, ideas, and stories surrounding data tape media.

To begin, we would like to share the importance of e-waste recycling. With only 3 percent of tape cartridges being recycled throughout the U.S., it is vital that organizations begin paying attention and taking action.

By choosing to recycle in 2014, your organization can:

• Keep perfectly good data hardware out of landfills.
• Greatly reduce the amounts of toxic gases from being released into the air. via incineration.
• Provide growing organizations the opportunity to purchase recycled goods and save money.
• Gain positive public relations for caring for the environment.
• Pave the way for a better future for today and tomorrow’s youth.

Plus, you can gain instant cash for selling new or used data tape media and other hardware. In fact, Big Data Supply pays top dollar for all tape cartridge formats including (but not limited to):

IBM 3592 JA, 300GB, 18P7534, 18P9271, 18P9263
IBM 3592 JB, 700GB, 23R9830, 23R9815, 23R9811
IBM 3592 JC, 4TB, 46X7452, 46X7452L, 46X7452LI
LTO-3, 400/800GB - All Brands
LTO-4, 800/1600GB - All Brands
LTO-5, 1.5/3TB - All Brands
LTO-6, 2.5/6.25TB - All Brands
8mm VXA X23, V23, X17, X10, X6, Exabyte or IBM
8mm VXA Cleaning Exabyte, IBM - New
SLR-5, 4/8GB - All Brands
MLR-1, 13/26GB, 16/32GB - All Brands
MLR / SLR Cleaning - All Brands New
4mm 170m DDS-5, DAT72 - all brands

We also pay top dollar for used disk array, tape libraries, peripherals, telecom equipment, and more.

Companies of all shapes and sizes rely on our team to make sure that all data is completely eradicated from tapes, helping them comply with regulations as set forth by SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley, SOX, and HIPAA.

We’ll make sure you are always 100% compliant with all regulations, while providing you instant cash for all of your new and used equipment.

In today’s world, there is no reason that organizations shouldn't take advantage of e-waste recycling programs. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

Have questions or want to get started as soon as possible? Call or e-mail our recycling team and we can get started!

[email protected] | Toll Free 800-905-7329 | Local 949-679-6633

We buy New and Used LTO6 Data Tape Media. All Brands.

We buy New and Used LTO6 Data Tape Media. All Brands.

Curious how the LTO-6 differs from previous LTO versions? In the below video HP provides an extensive look into the technology and its true value.

Contact us today for a quote on any format of tape media. We also buyback your old tapes for cash or credit toward new.

Contact us today: [email protected] / Toll Free 800-905-7329 / Local 949-679-6633

Curious of all this LTO LTFS talk and want to see how LTO-5 and LTFS are being utilized by a real-world organization?
The following video is a case study presented by IBM. Learn how one of their customers in Athens, Greece has simplified their archival process and cut costs significantly:

We buyback LTO cartridges in new and used condition, if you would like a free value audit on what you have please send us a list of what you have.

According the 2012 Compliance, Governance, and Oversight counsel Summit analysis, a whopping 69 percent of a company's data has no immediate value. This means that the majority of organizations are spending massive amounts of money to make sure that unneeded data is available 24 x 7 via disk.

IT professionals around the world, and the organizational leaders they consult, are often overwhelmed by the idea of making major changes -- such as the adoption of both disk and tape.

There are many that love to assert that "tape is dead" -- however, huge brands such as Google, Yahoo, and Facebook are proving that hybrid data storage solutions (a mix of disk and tape) ARE the answer to the equation.

Not only is tape a reliable backup solution, the Clipper Group recently discovered the average cost of storing archived data on disk is 26 time more expensive than the utilization of an automated tape library.

Thankfully, the last couple of years have seen tape become highly user friendly. With the birth of the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) as developed by IBM in 2010, writing to tape has become amazingly easy. Gone are the days in which tape users had to run through hours and hours of tape to find an exact piece of data.

More specifically, files on LTO-5 and LTO-6 tape are stored in a similar fashion as disk or a removable USB flash drive. This is extremely attractive to organizations seeking to store unstructured data, especially rich media such as video, digital cinema, and audio. Plus, the high data transfer rates and massive capacities make LTO tape amazingly efficient.

As provided by the LTO Consortium, other benefits of LTO with LTFS (LTO-5 and LTO-6) include:
• Open Specification
• Portability
• Ease of Use
• Multi-Platform Support
• Reliability and Robustness

In the end, LTO is the very best solution for the 69 percent of data that doesn't have to be accessed immediately. It's cost-effectiveness and reliability make it a surefire winner for 30 plus years of storage.

The secret to developing a cost-effective big data environment is to carefully outline your organization's true needs. Define which data needs to be stored on disk and develop a plan for the long-term storage of data that can be kept offline.

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