We couldn't help but share the wise words of journalist Bryan Betts, "Tape Never Died, It Was Just Resting." This is without a doubt a true tale.

Back in the day, tape drives were a staple in most organizations and in homes. Smaller formats included DAT and QIC for backups.

According to Betts, one of the major reasons tape began to fail was that it simply wasn't advancing quickly enough. Hard-disks were providing huge amounts of capacity and were pretty affordable. Plus, deduplication came to market, which resulted in organizations backing up largely to tape.

And then, the day came in which tape became quite expensive and data sizes grew by leaps and bounds. Plus, it was discovered that tape could be hacked and data wiped before one could blink an eye.

The answer to such issues has been to use tape alongside disk. Today, organizations realize that disk is excellent for quick storage and information retrieval, while tape is perfect for storing massive amounts of data for long periods of time.

For example, LTO-6 can hold 6TB or more of compressed data.

"Tape is highly performant and scalable," says Steve Mackey, vice-president of Spectra Logic. "I think everyone is used to the idea now that tape has its use cases."

Another reason tape isn't dead is that it has improved 700 percent in the last 10, plus years. This means that it is even more reliable than disk.

This doesn't mean that there isn't a distinct place for disk, rather it means that tape is the perfect partner for it. Where disk falls short, tape steps right in and makes a data security environment extra safe.

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