Ultrium LTO Tape Storage or IBM Cloud Hosting?

As a business owner, you will want to maximize your productivity by choosing only the best storage options. Ultrium LTO tape storage and IBM cloud hosting are the two most popular storage tops of the modern day. Before you choose one or the other, you will want to review your company budget, your customer base, and your web hosting plan. Then you will want to give fair consideration to all aspects of both products. The following is a comparison of the benefits that each service provides. You should be able to select the best options for your company after reading this:

Pricing Benefits

Both services can provide you with cost savings. IBM cloud hosting is flexible because it has a pay-as-you-go feature. The pay-as-you-go options perfect for people who do not want to get involved in burdensome contracts. Ultrium LTO tape storage has its own set of benefits when it comes to cost. The tapes have a lot of disk capacity, so business owners do not have to purchase that many of them. Both are excellent options for a businessperson who is trying to cut down costs.

Space Benefits

The biggest benefit that a company can get from IBM cloud hosting is the enormous amount of storage space that comes with it. IBM cloud hosting offers scalability, which means that the storage capacity will grow with the company. Ultrium LTO tape storage has a bit less capability, but it is still a good option for one to choose. The storage on the tapes can be as much as 6 Terabytes of room. That figure is nothing to sneeze at, as it can hold quite a bit of information. Ultrium LTO tapes are also capable of backing up information for a person who uses them.

Security Features

Another good thing about cloud storage is that it is highly safe for a person to use. In fact, cloud hosting companies make sure that they tell potential customers about the innovative technology that they have. They let potential customers know that their personal information will never be in a compromised position for the duration of the business relationship. LTO tapes are secure too, although sometimes people do not consider them as such. They do have security features embedded into them, and those features work to protect every person who is involved with the site.

Anytime Access

The best part about being involved with cloud storage is that a person can have access to it 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The person can access the information to copy it, read it or make changes to it. The LTO tapes are of course accessible to anyone who is working in the office.


One of the top reasons that people choose cloud storage is the support they get. Support is available through special teams of people that answer calls 24 hours a day and seven days a week. These people can help a business owner to trouble shoot and fix problems. The LTO option does have some support options, depending on your service provider.

A Storage Solution for Your Business

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