LTO 6 Tapes

For businesses that require large amounts of archival storage, you need an effective and secure method to keep all of your records readily available. LTO tapes, similar to new IBM 3592JC 4Tb and Oracle T10000 tape, are ideal for large amounts of media that needs to be stored and are often utilized by medium businesses to large enterprises. With large amounts of memory available in a compact and convenient package, LTO media can be your go-to storage solution.

Benefits of LTO 6 Data Tapes

Data tapes just like IBM 3592JC 4Tb certified or IBM 3592JD 10Tb certified tape cartridges are one of the most trusted methods for backing up large amounts of data. LTO data tapes are one of the newest innovations in the tape drive marketplace and are manufactured by companies such as TDK, Sun Oracle, Sony, and Quantum. LTO 6 tapes have a low starting price point, but still offer massive amounts of data space for your digital media. Compressed data capacity on LTO 6 data tapes are 2.5 to 6.25 TB, with transfer speeds of up to 400MB/s. The way they operate is LTO data tapes writes data on magnetic tape, which can be read with the use of compatible tape drives. Data is placed in sections along the tape and the drive allows you to access the exact media you need quickly. The amount of data found on the tape dictates rewind times, but they are typically under a minute. Access times are even quicker and can clock in at about 45 seconds or less. Transfer rates are constantly improving with LTO 6 tapes being the fastest currently.

LTO is an advancement in the field of magnetic tapes since it boasts a more compact design. The tapes have been optimized for high storage capacities and reels are typically only a half-inch on the cartridges. Even with large amounts of archival data, you won’t have an issue finding what you need on the tapes. A catalog file is updated each time new data is added onto the media. The catalog files can also be used as backup methods for the data stored. Security is always a concern, especially amongst business owners who handle files containing medical or financial information. This is why many of the tapes come with advanced encryption standards in place to prevent the data from being compromised.

Since LTO 6 tapes aren’t required to directly work with your company's operating system, they are not dependent on what type of computer you have. They are also portable, so you can use LTO tapes to store archival files from multiple locations. One of the major benefits of this storage media is the impressive lifespan of the cartridges. Each tape boasts an archival life of approximately 30 years. The rugged body construction of the data tapes helps ensure longevity.

LTO 6 Tape Media Recycling

For firms that are no longer utilizing data tapes, there may be uncertainty over what to do with the media. In this case, you should sell your tape drives a company like Big Data Supply. We can eliminate all existing data on the tapes in order to ensure you remain in compliance with privacy laws and regulations. As part of our data removal process, the company ensures that all media on the tapes is no longer recoverable. They also buy data tapes from companies who no longer require the storage devices and only resell the products after all data has been completely destroyed.

Big Data Supply is available to answer all of your questions about LTO tape media products and uses. Give us a call today or fill out our short form for more information on LTO 6 tapes to discuss what type of data center supplies your business can benefit from.