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Once the data is erased, you'll receive payment and a data-destruction certificate. You know, to hang on the fridge.

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We Sell New And Refurbished IT Equipment

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what's the big deal with big data supply, inc.?

we have the big data supply i.t. asset buyback program guarantee

It's designed to help you mitigate risk, stay compliant and ensure all sensitive data is confidential. Our comprehensive program offers free value audits to ensure the highest value, complete chain of custody tracking, detailed reporting of secure data destruction and the most economic and environmentally friendly e-waste solutions.


We’re R2v3 & RIOS certified, which is a really big deal. This certifies that we follow the best practices specifically for the electronics industry and electronic waste. RIOS certification is an ANSI accredited standard that meets all processes from ISO:14001 (environment), ISO:9001 (quality), and OHSAS:18001 (safety). R2v3 & RIOS certification is rewarded to companies that achieve responsible recycling standards. R2v3 & RIOS assures you of a consistent level of service, anywhere and anytime. It also gives you the ability to address challenges, new materials, and new technology, all while developing new services as you grow and evolve.

Sort and settle

Oftentimes our customers who decide to see their used IT equipment have excess data center equipment and don’t have the time or resources to inventory all the products. Many of them would rather just have someone pick up the items, and recover some of the value on their IT equipment. We have a service specifically designed for these occasions, we call it “sort and settle”.

1. Take a picture of the IT equipment you want to sell.

2. We'll identify what we can purchase. 

3. We'll make an estimated purchase offer. 

4. Securely ships to our facility. 

5. If you ship, estimate the package weight and we'll send you a UPS label.

6. We'll create a detailed inventory list, erase and test everything. Yes, everything as in all of it. 

7. You'll receive a revised purchase order. 

8. Certificate of Data Destruction and payment via cash or credit is provided upon completion