IBM 3590E “K”, 1/2″, 20/40 GB Tapes

IBM 3590E "K", 1/2", 20/40 GB Tapes

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SKU: 05H3188-C IBM 3590E "K", 1/2", 20/40 GB Tapes

Get the quality you expect and deserve from a trusted leader in backup cartridges with IBM’s 3590 tape cartridges. The IBM 3590 tape offers enterprise level storage space with native capacity of 20 GB and offers a compressed capacity of 40 GB of data so you can store and restore data with confidence.  IBM3590 ½ in tapes are ideal for small to medium LAN networks and also work well for hierarchal storage management applications, workstations and midrange systems.

The 3590 by IBM enables the system to locate data fast with its unique midpoint load mechanism. The self-contained tape path helps improve reliability and extend working life.

Almost instantaneous head to tape contact at load time speeds processing for faster operations cutting down performance time. The 3590 is encased with a durable cartridge case protecting tapes from dust and damage.

IBM 3590 tapes are compatible with 3590 drives and can also coexist in an IBM Total Storage Enterprise 3494 Tape Library.

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