IBM LTO-2 (200/400) GB Data Tape

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The IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium 200GB Data Cartridge offers top-quality performance and reliability for those seeking to store valuable data. Featuring 200GB of native storage and 400GB of compressed data storage, the IBM LTO-2 is compatible with LTO2 tape drives.
LTO 2 tape cartridges were specifically developed to increase cartridge capacity while reducing the amount of equipment and space needed. Additionally, the LTO technology allows for off-line storage in an effort to energy costs. The IBM LTO2 includes the advanced LTO-CM chip to enable a fast the IBM Ultrium drive to read and write to the data cartridge by utilizing a radio frequency transmission.
The perfect solution for mid-sized organizations looking for a dependable and versatile LTO2 technology to assure that their valuable data can be effectively backed up and stored for 30 years and more. Ideal for meeting data storage compliance regulations set by leading regulators including the SEC, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and others

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