Oracle LTO8, Ultrium-8, 7118476, 12TB/30TB LTO-8

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Looking for data tape cartridge that offers twice the storage capacity at an exponential speed and zero glitches and downtime? Enter Oracle LTO Ultrium-8 – the next-gen tape media cartridge designed to meet all of your data processing and storage needs and more. The all-new LTO Ultrium-8 by Oracle dominates all of its predecessor generations in terms of capacity and performance. Boasting a native storage capacity of 12TB that’s extendable up to 30 TB, the all-new Oracle LTO Ultrium performs seamlessly at an amazing speed of 300MB/sec. This, combined with an inbuilt AES 256-bit encryption, makes it the fastest yet the most secure tape media cartridge that you get for your regular data processing and management needs. The all-new Oracle LTO Ultrium-8, originally priced at $197.2 is now available at a discounted price of $155.68. 7118476.

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