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Welcome to Big Data Supply, Inc. we're your source for all types, brands and capacities of Quantum LTO-9 tape drive media, new and refurbished. Whether buying used Quantum LTO-9 backup tape in bulk to load up your data center, or just need a handful for your small office we got you covered. Quality refurbished Quantum LTO-9 tape media are a great and safe way to get a lot of data storage with major cost savings. You can buy wholesale Quantum LTO-9 backup tape for servers. 

We sell Quantum LTO-9 tape worldwide, please reach out for delivered pricing, today! 

SOME OF THE NEW & Refurbished   LTO 9 DATA MEDIA TAPES You can buy

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Native capacity: 18 TB
Compressed capacity : 45 TB

LTO Ultrium
Data Tape Media
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30 DAY Warranty When You Buy Any Quantum LTO-9 Data Tape

Returns of any Quantum LTO-9 data tape products will be accepted from the original purchaser for a replacement or full refund provided up to 30 days from the date of original purchase.

All Quantum LTO-9 tape media you buy are properly secured for shipment in static bags, trays, bubble bags and/or corrugated slotted boxes where applicable to ensure satisfaction and perfectly good as new working condition.

Big Data Supply, Inc. Guarantees the Best Solutions Throughout the Entire IT Lifecycle.

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Wondering how to place a bulk order for Quantum LTO-9 data tapes? Well, the process is simple.

  1. Contact us. Fill out the form, send us a chat message or give us a call during normal business hours.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How to buy Quantum LTO-9 data tape media from Big Data Supply Inc.?

Are you looking to purchase Quantum LTO-9 storage data tapes from us? The process is very simple! You can simply follow the following steps:

Step 1: Contact us here. You can send us a chat message and have our customer support team assist you, fill out the contact form, and we'll get back to you, or simply give us a phone call during business hours.

Step 2: Provide us the details of what type of Quantum LTO-9 storage tape media you are looking for:

  • Your contact details
  • What type of Quantum LTO-9 data tape media you'd like to buy?
  • Quantum LTO-9 storage tape capacity
  • Quantity needed
  • Specific brand, model, and part number (if any)

Step 3: We'll provide our quote so you can review our price offers

Step 4: Once you've approved our offer, send us your payment via the secure method of your choice

Step 5: We'll securely ship the Quantum LTO-9 storage data tapes to any location worldwide


Do you offer any warranty?

Yes, we offer a 30-day warranty when you buy any type of Quantum LTO-9 storage data tape media from us.

You can simply return the Quantum LTO-9 data tape you've purchased from us and get either a replacement or a full refund, up to 30 days from the date of original purchase. 


Do you sell goods to individuals?

While our primary focus is on businesses, we will work with individuals when they are purchasing or selling goods in bulk. We prefer that each and every business is worth your time and ours.


Do you offer volume discounts?


If you are buying in bulk, we will offer discounts and other special offers based on the quantity of the items you are buying. Contact us and send us a list of items you are looking for, and we'll offer a competitive price with volume discounts for you.


Is Quantum LTO-9 data tape still used?

Quantum LTO-9 data tapes, also often called Quantum LTO-9 storage tapes or Quantum LTO-9 backup tapes, are still widely used as storage mediums, even with the popularity of more modern storage technologies like NVMe SSDs, including cloud storage options.

Even today, Quantum LTO-9 data tape is considered the most cost-effective storage medium, especially for storing inactive data (that is no longer needed to be frequently sent/received.)

This is because Quantum LTO-9 storage data tape offers a larger storage capacity when compared to regular hard drives (and the more expensive SSDs) with the same price.

Not to mention, Quantum LTO-9 data tape is much more durable with a longer average life span than standard hard drives. HDDs only have an average lifespan of around 3 to 5 years, and SSDs have a slightly longer lifespan of between 5-10 years. Most Quantum LTO-9 data tape manufacturers, on the other hand, quote the lifespan of data stored within Quantum LTO-9 data tapes as 30 years (assuming ideal storage conditions.)

Quantum LTO-9 data tapes are also relatively easier to store and transport due to their compact sizes.

However, Quantum LTO-9 data tape has a much slower transfer rate than hard drives and especially SSDs, so it is more geared towards storing inactive data rather than critical data used in day-to-day operations that require frequent data transfers.


Is Quantum LTO-9 tape cheaper than a hard drive? How much does Quantum LTO-9 data tape cost?

Quantum LTO-9 data tapes are considered the most cost-effective storage medium for storing large and inactive data. Quantum LTO-9 data tape storage has the lowest price per volume among all storage media.

For example, today, in July 2022, we can get a 12 TB (30 TB compressed) LTO-9 Ultrium data tape that costs just around $70, resulting in a $ 0.0058/GB cost. On the other hand, a 12 TB NAS HDD costs around $210, 3 times more expensive. 

Not to mention, since Quantum LTO-9 data tape storage consumes power only when the backup is being executed, there is almost zero power consumption while idling and almost no cost to maintain the Quantum LTO-9 data tape system.

In short, Quantum LTO-9 data tape is much cheaper than a hard drive when it comes to the total cost of ownership (TOC) after considering the total hardware, power consumption, facility, and maintenance costs.


Is Quantum LTO-9 tape still the best option for backups?

Due to the most cost-effective unit price per capacity, Quantum LTO-9 data tape is the best option for backups and handling storage of inactive data in general. The higher the number of Quantum LTO-9 data tape cartridges, the lower the unit price of the entire system will be, making it even more cost-effective the larger your data backup volume goes.

Besides cost-efficiency, magnetic data date media are the best option for backups due to their safety and reliability. Quantum LTO-9 data tape has very low risks of data loss due to virus attacks, power outages, or crashes, making it an ideal option for storing inactive data safely for a long time.


How long do Quantum LTO-9 data tapes last?

Many manufacturers' data sheets claim that Quantum LTO-9 data tapes could last up to 30 years. However, obviously, the practical life expectancies of Quantum LTO-9 data tape would vary depending on the storage environment condition, read/write volume, and other factors.

Nevertheless, on average, Quantum LTO-9 data tape is designed for 15 to 30 years of data storage. Ideally, they should be stored at a temperature between 61 and 77 °F (16 and 25 °C) and between 20 – 50% RH in humidity.


How many times can Quantum LTO-9 data tape be used?

This will depend on the type and brand of Quantum LTO-9 data tape, but most Quantum LTO-9 data tapes can sustain 200 to 364 full file passes.

In Quantum LTO-9 data tapes, one full pass refers to writing enough data to fill an entire Quantum LTO-9 tape, which can take between 44 and 208 end-to-end passes.

For example, Quantum LTO-9 data tapes have expected tape durability of 20,000 end-to-end passes and would require 208 end-to-end passes for a full pass.


How much data does Quantum LTO-9 data tape hold?

Quantum LTO-9 data tapes have 12 TB uncompressed data capacity and 30 TB compressed capacity, while the newest LTO-9 data tapes have 18 TB uncompressed and 45 TB compressed data capacity.


Where is the best source for certified refurbished Quantum LTO-9 data tape media? How to get the best pricing for bulk Quantum LTO-9 data tape media?

Big Data Supply Inc. is a reliable IT Asset Disposition company specializing in buying and selling Quantum LTO-9 data tape cartridges.

You can find new and old data tape media from LTO and 3592 tapes to Legacy formats such as DDS DAT tape, all optimized and tested to ensure their performance and reliability.

As a leader in corporate Quantum LTO-9 data tape media recycling, Big Data Supply Inc. offers the best prices with the highest, most ethical security standards to ensure the safety and reliability of your Quantum LTO-9 data tape storage.